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Cool Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Unlike the iOS world, you won’t need to search on undergroundsites or alternative repositories for those tools. In fact, in the official Android Market, you can find interesting and useful applications that can help you enjoy you phone at its fullest potential:
  • Superuser In case the rooting method does not load this app, install it as soon as possible because it is the one that controls which applications can execute commands with root privileges on your device. To allow or deny access, the application displays a pop-up message asking for the permission every time an app requires access to the su binary.

  • ROM Manager In case you want the latestversion of Android on your device by installing a custom ROM, this application is a must-have.It provides all the required management for all the ROMs that you might want to flash in your device (download, delete, install without recovery mode, and update when it is necessary).

  • Market Enabler Many of the applications in the official Android Market are not available globally; some of them are restricted to certain countries, regions, or carriers. Market Enabler is a simple application that changes the SIM issuer code temporarily (it is restored to the original state if the phone is rebooted or set to Airplane mode) to spoof your location and carrier network to the market.

  • ConnectBot This application is the most popular Secure Shell (SSH client) that is also open source. ConnectBot executes shell commands remotely, just as if your device wereconnected to a USB port on your PC and using adb.

  • Screenshot Unlike iOS, Android does not include an easy and fast way to obtain device screenshots. Screenshot offers this functionality; simply shake your device.

  • ES File Manager Now that you have full unrestricted access to the file system, it is time to use an application to copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename files, including the ones that belong to the system. ES File Manager is also able to decompress and create encrypted ZIP files and access your PC via Wi-Fi and an SMB or a FTP server, Bluetooth file transfer tool, among other tools.

  • SetCPU This tool customizes CPU settings so you can overclock (improve performance) or underclock (save battery life) the processor under certain configurable circumstances; for example, when the phone is asleep or charging, you can save battery life by underclocking the CPU. But Set CPU is also useful when you need more processing power when executing a resource-intensive application (for instance, a game with graphics that require a great deal of processing). 
CAUTION: Just like any overclocking program, this application could be dangerous because it changes the CPU’s default settings and that could lead to an unbootable kernel. Use it at your own risk.

  •  Juice Defender One of the most importantissues with mobile devices, and especially with Android devices, is battery life. This application helps you save power and extend battery life by managing hardware components like mobile network connectivity, Bluetooth, CPU speed, and Wi-Fi connection.

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